A project in the municipality of Plaridel, province of Bulacan, Philippines. Plot size is approximately 1,375 square meters, with three identical structures with a building footprint of 48 square meters each. Only 10 percent of the land area is occupied by the structures.

The design proposal considers the economic and functional programme of three families, all belong to lower and middle class and are all blood-related. They have been residents of Plaridel since the turn of the 20th century and were originally rice farmers. Locally-available materials such as hollow blocks, plywood siding, timber and corrugated roofing have been used to control cost.

Architectural features have been sharply reduced to meet tight construction budget.

The lot is lies on a north-south axis, with a river used for irrigation at the south of the property. The longer sides of the lot are exposed to east and west orientation, thereby dictating the placement of spaces. Slatted windows are full height, in order to maximize the breeze.

The rear of the plot is reserved for planting or additional living quarters in the future.

Zoning of spaces is based on the traditional bahay kubo (cube house): work spaces are located at lower floors, living spaces at upper floors. Living spaces are situated on a higher level in order to catch the tropical breeze while walls at the lower floor are minimized to catch the breeze.

Bedrooms are multi-functional sleeping areas instead. This sleeping area can be subdivided into two rooms by lightweight partitions. Living, dining and kitchen are also combined into one large room, similar to traditional Filipino houses.

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